A Good-bye from Beth

Beth is moving on to new experiences! But not without saying good-bye first:

"The store is celebrating its fourth anniversary, but the idea that grew to be Simply Delicious Pies was born more than five years ago. In the summer of 2011, Britt signed the lease for a Lee Road storefront and hit the ground running. She immediately started working day and night - remodeling the space, purchasing equipment, and establishing her business. 

Who will make me pose for goofy photos now?!

"I became involved with the store in February of 2012. I offered to help my sister build her website and establish a social media presence. I also had retail experience, so Britt would focus on the kitchen work while I ran the front end of the shop.

Beth and Alex, Opening Day 2012
"Simply Delicious Pies opened on Friday, September 21, 2012. We planned a soft opening - get a taste for how much to bake each day. Our intention was to have a ribbon cutting ceremony a few weeks later. On our first day, we sold out. Britt baked more. And we sold out again. And again. And again!
Mom & Beth tackle Dish Duty
"We never did have an official grand opening because we’ve been too busy growing, adapting, and baking. Britt can bake eight times as many pies as she could our first day. When our customers asked about a savory items, she modified her quiche recipe and developed our now famous chicken pot pies. We hired more help so that I could go on extended maternity leave. When we see the need for change, we act on it.
Baby Ian
My goal has always been to help Britt open her pie shop. We have definitely succeeded. Now, it is my time to step away while Britt continues to lead Simply Delicious Pies. Watching my sister realize her dream is an inspiration. Britt is as remarkable a businesswoman as she is a baker. 
It has been my pleasure to serve each and every one of you. Thank you for your support; when we opened, as we grew, and as Britt continues to bake Cleveland’s most delicious pies."
-Beth Kaboth, September 2016
Cleveland HotList win! Best Desserts, 2013 and 2014
I am so grateful for the tremendous amount of support I have had throughout this entire experience. Not least of which came from my oldest sister, Beth, who not just supported me but decided to jump on and join the ride.
After four years of working together, the time has come for Beth to say "good-bye" and start an adventure of her own. We are proud to have reached a point where the reigns can be handed over completely. She can focus on other parts of her life and have more valuable time to be with her sons (my adorable nephews). We are still sisters, of course, so I'm sure this is not the last you will hear of her!
Thank you, Beth, for all you have done, and all of the sacrifices over the years to make my dream come to fruition.

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