Thanksgiving 2016

I think about and plan for Thanksgiving practically year 'round. During the two days of pickups the week of Thanksgiving, we will bake more pies than we do for some entire months the rest of the year! How do we pull this off? Well, by thinking about it and planning for it all year long! 

As orders are being placed we frequently hear from many of you how serving our pies has become a holiday tradition. This is truly the most wonderful compliment and honor. Thank you for bringing us to your tables and allowing us to be a part of your celebrations throughout the year. 


Wednesday 11/25/2015


Based on some of our most frequently asked questions and a slightly different experience compared to our average day, here are a few things worth noting:

  • You won't sacrifice any quality by choosing to pick-up on Tuesday. Every item is hand-made and freshly baked. (Kept refrigerated, your pies will have a shelf-life of 5+ days.)

  • A crowd begins to gather at least half an hour before open! We do use every single minute before 10am to adequately prepare. (This means that while unfortunately, we cannot unlock the doors early to start handing out pies, it's with good reason!)

  • There may be a short wait in line. We operate multiple registers, have designated check-outs for various needs, and keep things as streamlined as possible. (Later in the day seems to be the best time to bypass the crowd.)

  • Pre-orders are limited. All orders MUST be placed before Sunday 11/20. However, we will stop taking any new orders should we reach our capacity before then. (I recommend having your order placed about a week before Thanksgiving to be safe.) 

  • We plan on having items available for walk-in purchase. There's no way for us to know exactly which items will be available or at what specific time. We continue to bake throughout the day, making as many pies possible as supplies and time allow. (It shouldn't be assumed that open is the best chance to get these extra pies - the possibility is just as likely to catch a fresh batch coming out in the afternoon or even towards the end of the day)

  • We will be CLOSED on Sunday 11/20 and Monday 11/21 in order to prepare for holiday pick-ups.

  • On both Tuesday 11/22 and Wednesday 11/23 we will be open from 10am until 6pm.

  • We will be closed Thanksgiving day, 11/24 and remain closed until Tuesday, 12/1.

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 by phone:

in person:
3433 Lee Road
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120

A production of this magnitude calls for a LOT of supplies:

    • 500+ pounds of hand-peeled apples
    • 2,000 eggs cracked
    • 100 gallons of pumpkin pie filling
    • 400 pounds of butter
    • 1,000 pounds of sugar
    • 100 pounds of pecans
    • 100 pounds of sweet potatoes
    • 25 gallons of home-made caramel sauce

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